The outbreak of covid pandemic has rapidly boosted digital transformation in nearly every industry branch, logistics included. As our customers push for digital acceleration of their businesses it’s about time to rethink how to properly navigate the recovery in 2021 and and how can we become the reliable and information-driven supply chain provider the customers yearn for.

Robotic Process Automation has already proven valuable and among data analytics and artificial intelligence it can be the third most important technology to drive growth.

In order to make it happen, you as a Manager or Business Leader need the capacity to change the way you work and help others. Take the first step by understanding how and where Rhenus Robotics implements software-robots, and consider your own benefits on the example of RPA role in finance automation.


Cost saving

from reduced human effort (we take the robot out from human). Freeing – up expensive human resources lead them to work on higher-value activities (where expert judgement, intuition or collaborative decision making

is required).


Supporting high-risk control, regulatory and compliance related requirements which would be enhanced through automation (= reduction in risk), reduction of costly errors and increasing Employee satisfaction & engagement.

Faster service to customers

through elimination of bottle-neck in personal resources (it is getting difficult to find the right people to do many mundane jobs), improving Customer Experience scores and driving additional revenues.


People orientation is one of the Rhenus values. It is about respecting each other, valuing competencies and promoting personal development. While creating the environment for intentional growth, we can use software-robots to support human workers. It takes the burden of monotonous and repetitive tasks off their shoulders, so that people may spend the saved time on activities which are more valuable for the company.


RPA is system-agnostic software that seeks to mimic the human role in processes and make those processes faster and less error-prone. RPA is a technology for business aimed at increasing process efficiency and company productivity.

Robots imitate the way we work with files, systems, databases, Outlook and websites. With algorithms, we can teach a robot to perform a sequence of activities, to handle exceptions, report (to an employee) the need to make a decision, and in rare cases - report failure of performing a task. Robots don’t make mistakes related to the source of data, structure, classification or communication. The slowest robot will still work twice as fast as a person, it does not

need breaks, does not leave or dosen’t even require a working station. Software robotics is a non-invasive technology for the IT environment in the company, meaning no hard integration with existing IT landscape (no development of interfaces) and the involvement of the IT departments is minimal (accesses and some governance functions).



My name is Piotr Kwaśniak. For more than 5 years I had been the CFO of the two biggest Rhenus companies in Poland.

So, some of you may already know me.

Now I am responsible for the robotics automation of the finance and back-office processes for both external and internal clients of Rhenus Automation located with its robots development center at Rhenus Office Systems in Poland.

Mob.: +48 609 280 280

Email: automation @

Finance operations involve the exercise of inputting, processing and merging financial data from numerous departments in Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) systems which in majority can be automated.

Software bots are able to support many financial and back-office activities, including gathering data, executing orders, closing reporting & settlement periods, entering and accepting suppliers invoices, processing & tracking payments, reporting deviations and many, many more.

My name is Piotr Kwaśniak. For more than 5 years I had been the CFO of the two biggest Rhenus companies in Poland.

So, some of you may already know me.

Now I am responsible for the robotics automation of the finance and back-office

processes for both external and internal clients of Rhenus Robotics located with its robots development center at Rhenus Office Systems in Poland.


  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Processing of bank statements
  • Reconciling open items
  • Posting of incoming and outgoing invoices etc.
  • Data preparation for tax returns
  • Verification of data and compliance between taxable and non-taxable amounts
  • Verification of contractor's data in scope of VAT EU
  • Updating of master data etc.


  • Sending notes and reminders to debtors
  • Maintaining relationships with contractors
  • Generating overdue debtors reports and aging lists etc.

Debt Collection:

  • Preparing data for reports (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Generating provisions for costs and revenues
  • Preparation of ratio analysis
  • Comparison tables of performance vs estimation figures
  • Gathering data in scope of budgeting and forecasting etc.


Statutory and Group reporting:

  • Consolidating financial statements
  • Statement of financial position (B/CE sheet)
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Statement of changes in equity etc.
  • Support of purchasing activities (P2P)
  • Verification of correctness of internal order placement
  • Preparation of price lists based on submitted offers
  • Verification of compliance of documents sent by suppliers (offers, invoices, notes) based on internal control procedures etc.


  • Processing of fixed assets master data
  • Verification of correct use of fixed assets for the organization needs (use of company equipment) (AM)
  • Support in reporting activities (e.g. environmental waste, work safety regulations) etc.


  • Candidate sourcing
  • Employment history verification
  • New employees on-boarding
  • Generating payroll and employees remuneration reports
  • Preparation of earnings confirmations for the finance institutions
  • Benefits and absence repor- ting (leave settlements) etc.


If you’re not investing in RPA for core finance functions, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities, see it for yourself on an example of your colleagues from another organization that already embarked on the robotization journey.


Our robots implemented at RHENUS in 5 countries perform repetitive tasks, at scale, round the clock with near-perfect, error-free level of work and together with many CFO’s and CEO’s we have been able to position RPA as critical to business process efficiency and link it to wider RHENUS corporate goals. You can get real-life examples by arranging a meeting on MS Teams with us.

Here are:

  • shipment scheduling and tracking from initial pick-up request to checking and reporting shipment status between internal systems and external portals extract - shipment details from incoming emails, log jobs in scheduling systems and provide pick-up times in customer portals
  • preparation of reports (shipment status reporting, inventory rotation, occupancy of storage places etc.)
  • tendering process support on customer transportation portals
  • invoicing by integrating Systems with Customer Portals, automatically extract shipping data, attach scanned PODs
  • automatically perform rate look-ups from multimodal carriers and 3PLs and capture data from load boards and emails into internal systems
  • and many others.


Let’s start by Identifying the right potential for robotization, order a short robotic audit, which during the pandemic are online.

The purpose of the robotic audit of processes is to search for areas in the organization that ultimately increase its cash flow and optimize costs.



While searching for suitable candidates, we conduct high level assessment with your staff to assess the following criteria:

Why is the process problematic from a business perspective , process frequency (e.g. 5 times a day), average Handling Time, number of steps, number and names of applications ( data pulled from different systems, screens, data sources) used in the process, number of users (Full Time Equivalent counts, which means staff number), Number of process variants.

Other criteria are: the input must be electronic readable (structured data), the process and its underlying application must be stable, the process has repeatable business rules. At this stage, we can compare different candidates with each other and prioritize for implementation. The biggest Return of Investment is one of the most common criteria on how to prioritize.

You are invited to share your ideas on process automation just by filling in the special form we created for you called Initial Request.



RHENUS AUTOMATION will make you comfortable with RPA Technology, nobody is forced to adopt it, but everybody is kindly invited to test it and consider they own benefits.

Do a reference call with one of the Rhenus Companies that already applied process automation successfully.

Work on putting RPA on the C-Level agenda now.



We offer a wide range of services, from training in our expertise, assistance in determining your digital maturity and potential in your processes and data, to the implementation of new technologies that will add value to your business and make Rhenus a great place to work.

We already have 3 years of experience in the internal and external market, we benefit from the competencies gathered within our organisation but also cooperate with the ecosystem of different solution providers. What we are most proud of is having implemented the Enterprise Model of process automation, which enables us to scale up all automation initiatives across Rhenus business-units or region-wide.

Data Analytics

Ask us how to process large data and turn it into business values.

Artificial Intelligence

Ask us how we introduce machine learning, NLP and predictive analytics to create insight into data and discover many new opportunities.

Process Automation

Ask us how the robots we build support employees in their daily tedious tasks, which not only saves costs but also increases efficiency as your people start to generate more value for your organisation.


You might be asking yourself why robotics and more importantly why RHENUS AUTOMATION? One of the RHENUS values is entrepreneurial spirit that allows developing ideas, taking responsibility and ensuring success. We believe in it and offer you to learn from our experiences gathered on the way, which wasn’t completely free from bruises.

One of the biggest advantages for you is that our RPA initiatives can be relatively low cost and if it is implemented well, it can yield benefits immediately. From a CFO point of view any investments whatever the charging model will be, is cost-neutral, because cost is offset by measurable efficiency gains in the same year.Of course the most spectacular automation initiatives happen outside of the Finance Department and are located in Operations. An information-driven CFO seeks for initiatives that drive efficiency across the entire organization. YOU as a CFO knowing the local and country-wide circumstances are invited to support decisions as a part of RHENUS AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT in your Business Area or Unit. Here are some example of challenges we can address together:

  • Identifying new areas for automation and prioritising process candidates to the RHENUS AUTOMATION ( which is a delivery body for you)
  • Identifying and assessing automation benefits to decide if the goals have been met.
  • Setting out the suitable reporting, control, escalation and approval mechanism.

Moreover RHENUS AUTOMATION has implemented a high-performing Robotics Enterprise Model, that is essential baseline for a possible future scaling across your business unit, which include vision for process automation that aligns with corporate strategy and culture, people up and reskilling, building the pipeline with process candidates, internal charging models, competences and structure of automation delivery (=RHENUS AUTOMATION), automation governance model with standards and policies, the rules for technology vendors assessment, support and maintenance.

Everything ready and available now.

The Future of process-automation Initiatives


Robotization is today more of a leadership challenge than a technology one thus we decided to start to develop our own competencies combining the deep understanding of RHENUS business and culture with digital-native newcomers such as programmers, developers, project managers and business analysts. We all are Enthusiasts of new technologies and trend setters on the market.


Finance Robotics

Finance Robotics Subject matter expert in finance

Strong in corporate solutions

Offering reliable finance automation audits!

His goal is to make it a sustainable business

Lecturer and engaging public speaker

Connecting the dots effectively!



Bringing satisfaction to clients by providing the best solutions available!


Automotive Robotics

Manager Automotive Robotics Quality and production expert in Automotive

Achieving goals consequently!


RPA Consultant

Patiently resolving clients problems!


RPA Developer

Combining business knowledge and programming experience.

The sky is the limit!


RPA Developer

Inspiring the team and aligning the automation activities according to corporate culture and goals!


Business Analyst

Understanding the client’s needs and preparing the robot’s documentation!





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